There’s a recurring phrase when politicians (and the majority of the mainstream media) talk about Brexit.

They describe it as the DEMOCRATIC WILL of the PEOPLE.

Anyone who questions this democratic will is seen as the enemy or not accepting DEMOCRACY.

But let us look at the FIGURES:

  • 17, 410, 742 people voted to LEAVE
  • 16, 141, 241, people voted to REMAIN
  • 12, 948, 018 people DIDN’T VOTE
  • 18, 099, 999 people weren’t on the electoral register

So, there is literally 1, 269, 501 million votes between LEAVE and REMAIN – and around 30 million people didn’t vote.

It’s no wonder then, that the country is so divided given the tiny difference between LEAVE and REMAIN. Any referendum should be based on a 60-40 majority so that any result is in fact, overwhelming and decisive.

Given this was 2 years ago when we had no clue (we still don’t really) what Brexit was, isn’t it democratic to vote again?


So, that brings me back to the DEMOCRATIC WILL of the PEOPLE.

It’s a line (over)used by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn is also guilty of spouting various versions of it. But if it was our democratic decisionto leave (as we are democratic country), surely it is our democratic right to vote on the terms?


I’m not even going to try and describe what Brexit is – the politicians don’t know, the experts don’t know, even the European Union don’t really have a clue all they know is we’re getting a rougher deal leaving than we would if we stayed.

Note, the majority of Brexiteer politicians have now resigned because they know it’s all going to shit and they don’t want to take any responsibility.

Some of them have even BOUGHT EU CITIZENSHIP.


One thing we do know (according to all the major players in economics – left or right) is that the British economy is not going to be better off outside the EU.

Even Jacob Rees-Mogg has moved his finances to Ireland to avoid the economic catastrophe.


And another thing, IMMIGRATION, yes the Brexit buzzword, is likely to stay at the same levels.

The only difference is that it won’t be European’s ‘jumpingthe queue’.

Instead, it’ll be IMMIGRANTS from the rest of the world – because how dare those pesky EU nationals come over here, we wouldn’t dare move to their country and set up shop!!

But WE NEED IMMIGRANTS (EU and non-EU) – whether you’re a racist or not (I seriously hope you answered not), we need them.


So back to the fast approaching BREXIT DEAL (MPs will vote on the 11 December).

It’s clear that neither Theresa May nor Jeremy Corbyn have a decent deal to take us out of the EU – T May’s won’t even get through parliament and Jezza must have sores on his arse from sitting on the fence biding his time for a general election.


And no, I’m not saying the SNP have it all sorted. But they do have Scotland’s interest at heart – the Brexit deal mentions Scotland (largely in reference to existing legislation) a whole 7 times.

Personally, being Scottish and part of a country that DID vote OVERWHELMINGLY (62% to 38%) to remain, getting another vote on the final terms would be greatly appreciated AND democratic.

I mean, Northern Ireland’s interests are being taken seriously, so why can’t Scotland’s?

Oh right yeah we aren’t propping up T May’s ever fragile majority government. 


So, on Brexit.

We know our politicians don’t have a f*cking clue what’s going on and the majority are going to reject the Tory deal.

The EU have said if they don’t accept it there is no alternative but to leave with no deal and the leader of the Labour party is still refusing to openly and meaningfully back a People’s Vote.  

Surely, the most DEMOCRATIC thing we could do as a country now, is make an informed decision on the terms of any deal and whether we want a DEAL or NO DEAL.

And again, and always, Up The Tories xo


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