We apparently leave the EU on the 29 March this year. And still, no one has a fucking clue what’s going on.

Whether you voted to leave, remain or didn’t vote at all, one thing I think we can all agree on is that we need a plan of some sort.

The Referendum

Now, I completely understand where people are coming from when they say we should respect the vote (or the DEMOCRATIC WILL OF THE PEOPLE).

However, a lot has changed in the 2 years since the referendum.

We as a nation now know its really not that easy to leave the EU. And we know that the EU has already given us its deal – it is not going to renegotiate, not even with Jeremy Corbyn.

Another referendum?

I empathise with those who voted leave who think a second referendum is just a plan to stop Brexit. In a way I guess it is.

But it could also strengthen the leave camp if they won another one.

Holding a ‘people’s vote’ does not mean that we will stay in the EU, it means us, the people, get a chance to vote on the kind of exit we have.

Or no exit if that’s what the majority want (any second vote either referendum or vote on what deal we want you should be a 60%-40% win so that it is DECISIVE).

Personally, I feel that the country did not make an informed decision in 2016. There were numerous lies, illegal spending and a hateful campaign against immigration.

What about root causes?

The mainstream media have a lot to answer for, for upholding the lies fed to the public about immigration with no one actually challenging the facts and figures produced.

But I get why people believed them, and why people are angry at the so called ‘immigrant next door’.

Working class people have been completely forgotten about by the current and previous Tory governments. But those in power on the right are masters at creating a scapegoat for their wrong doings – the unskilled, undeserving immigrant became the symbol for leaving the EU.

Other examples are the underserving benefit scroungers – the enemy of the hard-working classes!

What is still being ignored now are the root causes of Brexit.

  • Poverty – relative, extreme and in-work poverty
  • Insecure work
  • Low wages
  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Unemployment
  • Immigration (there are flaws with how the GOVERNMENT places immigrants i.e. some areas get a disproportionate share of immigration, but that’s not the fault of migrants)

Note – we are going to be fucked without immigrants in this country.

These are all serious issues in the UK – but they aren’t caused or made worse by being in the EU.

They are the result of years of both Tory AND New Labour neoliberal policies.

(for those that don’t know, neoliberalism prioritises privatisation of literally everything and doesn’t really like the idea of equality for all -people are merely consumers, and its their own fault they’re poor)

More on neoliberalism here!

The leave campaign

It’s not hard to see why leave won.

The leave campaign and ‘Brexiteers’ are incredibly talented at manipulating and making up facts. A large portion of the mainstream media are in the pockets of incredibly rich right-wing men.

And they got ANOTHER bus woohoo!!

They are also all really rich and won’t be affected by the UK leaving the EU with or without a deal.

A second referendum is an ‘elitist’ project

Yes – many who voted remain are middle class, university educated or privileged (I’m looking right at myself here).

But there are plenty of middle class, university educated and privileged people who voted to leave.

It’s an insult to call those who voted leave ‘uneducated’ or ‘stupid’, the backbone of leave comes from the wealthiest parts of the UK, not the poorest.

But to write off another vote because it’s apparently a betrayal is nonsense.

And calling a second referendum an elitist project is slightly hypocritical given the Leave campaign is backed by some of the wealthiest people in Britain.

But what next?

I don’t know. In my ideal world, I want a second referendum or at the very least a people’s vote on the final deal.

I also kinda want it all to go tits up so Scotland gets independence but that’s maybe pushing it for now.

Any second referendum should be held above party politics with an independent body set up to research and present both sides of the argument.

To remind you of some FACTS:

  • There are only 1,269,501 million votes between LEAVE and REMAIN
  • 31, 048, 017 million people didn’t vote at the time
  • Many who couldn’t vote at the time due to their age, have now turned 18
  • Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to REMAIN  
  • Brexit started as an inner TORY party quarrel which Cameron put to the public – who even cared before bar UKIP and the EDL?
  • Referendums are not legally binding rather they are indicators

Ask yourself this, why are politicians and those who voted leave so scared to vote again?

  • Perhaps Brexiters don’t think they will win again.
  • For Labour, they’re scared to lose voters which is fair enough but Corbyn lost the no confidence vote so he should be looking at what else Labour can do try avert a no deal Brexit.
  • May says its because it would be betraying democracy – referendums aren’t legally binding and not allowing the people to vote on a final deal is incredibly undemocratic.

I leave you with this clip of Nigel Farage, the Brexit Boy himself, arguing that he’s not part of the elite.

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