Hundreds of thousands of people are marching in London today with the hope it will persuade the government (and parliament) to give the fate of Brexit back to us – THE PEOPLE.


It’s been three years since the referendum, it’s less than a week before the official Brexit date (29 March), and still no one in Britain, or the rest of the world has a fucking clue what’s going on.


Theresa May was in Brussels last week asking the EU for an extension to our official leave date because the deal she secured doesn’t satisfy anyone in parliament.

It’s been voted down twice and is set to be either blocked or defeated again next week.

The EU have kindly agreed to give us an extension until the 22 MAY, but only if May’s deal is passed in parliament.

If it doesn’t pass, we have until 12 April to decide what we want to do.

John Bercow, the Speaker, has said he will block May’s deal being voted on for a THIRD time if there are not ‘substantial changes’ made to it.

The EU is not going to re-negotiate with us, so any deal May brings to parliament will likely be the same but with minor tweaks.

She won’t get any SUBSTANTIAL CHANGES to her deal from the EU.

So, her deal is likely either going to be blocked by the Speaker or voted down, AGAIN.


If May’s deal hasn’t passed by the 12 April there is a potential that we will leave the EU without a deal.

Is that a bad thing? Personally, and looking at all the economic/social impacts of this, YES IT IS.


Apparently the government hasn’t really prepared for a no deal situation and the military are being prepared to be brought in case of any potential ‘civil unrest’.

There’s also the potential of disruption to travel, food supplies, and medicine (along with plenty other things).

Oh and, it’s likely no deal would cause another recession like that of 2008 – just what austerity Britain needs.




Is it likely they are going to happen? I don’t think anyone knows, but here they are.

We could have a GENERAL ELECTION.

This would allow the people to vote on who they want to lead the country, and therefore what kind of Brexit deal they want.

If the Tories won, then May’s deal, which the public would have voted for, would likely be passed through parliament.

If Labour won, then it would give them the mandate to pass their own version of Brexit.

There could be a LEADERSHIP CONTEST.

Given her two defeats and lack of authority there are calls for May to resign. The Tories can’t challenge her leadership because she won the vote of no confidence back in January.

If she resigned though, there would be a leadership contest.

Potential leaders include JACOB REES-MOGG, BORIS JOHNSON and SAJID JAVID (amongst many, many others).

The winner is picked by the Tory membership.

I don’t know about anyone else reading this, but Brexit Britain under Johnson or Mogg sounds even more depressing than the current farce.

There is also the option to REVOKE ARTICLE 50. This would stop Brexit altogether.

Over 4 MILLION people have signed a petition calling for this very option.


It’s unlikely this will happen however as it means going against the good old WILL OF THE 17 MILLION who voted leave.

Which is fair enough, those who voted remain wouldn’t be happy if their choice was completely ignored right?

Anyway, the other option could be a SECOND REFERENDUM.

This would have to include the option to remain (by revoking article 50), to leave with a deal (likely May’s unless parliament can come up with something else), or to leave with no deal.

The last option is COMMON MARKET 2.0.

This means joining the EU Free Trade Association alongside the likes of Norway. Brexiteers are not fans of this as it means continuing freedom of movement and following EU regulations.

So basically everything Leave voters voted against.


Brexit has been one of the biggest betrayals of public trust in British history. Whether you voted to leave or remain, what has happened in the last three years is nothing short of a total disregard for the national interest.

It started as a Tory inner party quarrel which David Cameron decided to settle with a referendum. Rather than taking ownership he pissed off, probably to the South of France.

Since then, it has been forgotten that 2 of the 4 countries that make up the (not so) United Kingdom voted to remain.

It is clear that instead of coming together and working collaboratively, both the Tories and Labour have treated Brexit as a party political issue rather than one that affects the entire country.

People from across the political spectrum voted almost equally to leave and remain. But the two main parties in Westminster have ignored this and refused to work with one another.

The only democratic way forward now is to either postpone Brexit until we figure out how we want to leave, or to hold a second referendum and give the POWER back to the PEOPLE.

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